A good photo sets the starting point for a photo/video montage and is crucial for the final result to be good. We offer photo and video from both air and ground level with certified drone pilots and a skilled photographer.
Examples of areas of use: Vision analyses, Photo/video montage, Video presentations

Below you can see a selection of projects where we have provided this service

Østfoldbanen Hensetting

Stumpfbygget – Nytt kontorbygg

Marvika Torv – Byggetrinn 2

SIA – Nytt velferdsbygg

Drangsvann – Byggetrinn 2

Lagerseksjoner Sviland

Lagerseksjoner Moss & Våler Næringspark

Wingejordet – Bryggen

InterCity Dovrebanen


Gullknapp Drone Testsenter

Kanalbyen – Byggetrinn 2B