E39 Bokn–Bømlafjorden – planning program

Client: Statens Vegvesen AS
Year: 2021
Consultant: Rambøll

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration will build a new E39 between Bokn and Bømlafjorden. The road will go through Bokn, Tysvær and Sveio municipalities.

The stretch Bokn–Bømlafjorden is today heavily burdened with accidents, and it has many intersections and derailments. New E39 is planned for four lanes with medians. This will be a safer road for everyone.

Rambøll is assisting the Norwegian Public Roads Administration as the only adviser on the preparation of a state municipal sub-plan with impact assessment for the E39 on the section from Bokn to Førde (Hope) in Sveio municipality, a section of approx. 57 km.

In this project, our in-house developed visualization platform Rambøll Interactive is used both internally in the project, but also towards the customer and the public. The interactive 3d model stretches over 60km and contains, among other things, more than 1.5 million trees, the largest project to date produced by Rambøll Interactive. Film produced by Visualization, in Rambøll Interactive, showing examples of road lines presented to the public:

Rambøll is also operating an information portal which is kept updated with relevant public information throughout the duration of the project. Visualization is responsible for the maintenance and design of the portal. Check out the portal here: https://www.e39boknbf.no/

In addition to being responsible for the Interactive 3d model, Visualization has documented and filmed inspections and produced information videos based on this.

Film from inspection, short version. Used as a promotional film at open public meetings in connection with consultation on the planning programme:

Information film made by Visualization about road planning with sustainability as a guideline: