Ramboll Interactive

Rambøll Interactive is Ramboll’s new and innovative platform for interactive visualization and Digital Twins.

Powered by video game technology, Rambøll Interactive is a platform for interactive presentation models that provide project visualization through high-quality real-time 3D renderings, offering an intuitive and engaging digital experience. Combined with real-time sensor data, Rambøll Interactive functions as a 3D Digital Twin, enabling stakeholders to explore, analyze, and engage with projects in a realistic virtual environment. The platform enables us to design unique interactive experiences, customized for each project and tailored to align with client-specific requirements. With a suite of analytical tools and VR capabilities, Rambøll Interactive serves as an essential asset throughout all phases of the project lifecycle.

The default package has basic tools and a user-friendly interface. This package can be expanded upon and further developed to match the customer’s needs. Functions include:
• High quality visual graphics in Real Time
• Possibility to navigate the model with the use of VR glasses
• Navigate in walking or flying mode
• Drive by car
• Visibility analyses: 100% freedom from viewing the project from any position
• Sun-shadow analysis: Set sun to any date and time. Realistic light.
• Save camera positions
• Export images up to 4K resolution
• Layer structure and scenarios

See a showreel down below showing some of our projects we have been working on in our new platform