Ramboll Interactive

Rambøll Interactive is Rambøll's newly developed platform for interactive visualization and digital twins

The game engine Unreal Engine is a market leading design and production tool for high-quality real-time renderings. Based on this engine we have developed an interactive presentation model that maintains a very high visual quality and combined with sensor data serves as an advanced fully 3D Digital Twin. Unreal Engine allows us to create and develop interactive experiences of tailored scenarios unique to each project. From 3D visualization and cinematic experiences to interactive project and design analyses, Unreal Engine gives us the ability to turn the customer’s ideas into reality.

The default package has basic tools and a user-friendly interface. This package can be expanded upon and further developed to match the customer’s needs. Functions include:
• High quality visual graphics in Real Time
• Possibility to navigate the model with the use of VR glasses
• Navigate in walking or flying mode
• Drive by car
• Visibility analyses: 100% freedom from viewing the project from any position
• Sun-shadow analysis: Set sun to any date and time. Realistic light.
• Save camera positions
• Export images up to 4K resolution
• Layer structure and scenarios

See a showreel down below showing some of our projects we have been working on in our new platform