About us

We are six dedicated 3D Specialists located in Kristiansand as a part of the GIS, Geomatics & Visualization department.

Our versatile team assist our clients in visualizing future scenarios and making well informed decisions. We operate in a wide variety of sectors and fields including Energy, Infrastructure, Property Development, Residential and more. Our expertise spans all project phases, from early conceptual stages, through detailed design phases, to presentation and communication of the final result. Employing industry-leading tools and innovative methods, we translate complex data and concepts into clear and captivating visual representations that are easy to understand and engage all stakeholders.

We take pride in creating 3D visualizations that tell a story, attract attention and establish the right atmosphere. Our aim is to deliver visual solutions that not only impress but are also reliable and provide a precise and faithfull depiction of the project's scope and impact. We are committed to excellence in visual communication that resonates with viewers and conveys understanding effortlessly.