Virtual reality

Do you want to drive down the projected European road or get a realistic impression of what it will be like to move inside your new home? A virtual reality can be experienced both on mobile, tablet and with VR glasses. In this way, you can move around freely and get a correct impression of the scale of your project.
Examples of areas of use: City model, Housing sales, Feasibility study, Vision analyses...etc.

We are proud to present our new interactive model developed in Unreal Enigine. Here you have the opportunity to show any project in any phase inserted in correct and realistic surroundings.

The viewer is still under development, but the possibilities here are great! We have already developed tools such as:
- Daylight System
- Measuring tools
- Saving camera positions
- Overview map showing position
- Reading of coordinates and height where you point in the model
- Save high resolution images

Get in touch if you have a project that could benefit from such a display model. The viewer is free and requires no installation/user/license.

Check out our teaser of this interactive model below

Below you can see a selection of projects for which we have supplied VR models

E39 Bokn–Bømlafjorden – planning program

Drangsvann – New construction phase: Sommerro

New Nerlandsøybridge


Drangsvann – Byggetrinn 2


Skålvær – en tidsreise til 1890-årene

Trondheim Bymodell