Architectural competition – New water tower

Year: 2023
Architect: Ramboll

A competition team consisting of colleagues in architecture (BIM and digitalisation) and landscape (Landscape architecture) has been awarded an honorable mention in a general architectural competition for a new water tower in Hemmesta Sweden. The interest in the competition has been enormous, and 151 Swedish and international entries were submitted to the competition line last autumn. Now the jury's work on appointing prize winners and special names is complete, and Rambøll's entry "Rideau" received, together with five other entries, an honorable mention from the jury with the following motivation: "Rideau is designed like a scene in the forest, with a raised cubic water cistern and pillars draped in deep red facade panels. An opening in the ceiling provides dramatic overlight and the wall becomes a surface for an artistic installer. The monumental space created between the red draperies has the potential to become a new meeting place in Hemmesta"

- It feels absolutely fantastic, says Joel Yngvesson, competition leader and architect. That our team can place itself at the top among so many qualitative proposals for water towers is a huge achievement, and a fantastic stamp of quality for the work we architects within Buildings devote ourselves to.
- A big compliment goes to My Sivesson (architect), Harriet Pilat (architect) and Olga Rolff (landscape architect) who made up our core team during the competition process, as well as our Norwegian colleagues on Visualization in Norway who was responsible for the visualization. Without our joint efforts, we would not have been able to deliver such a comprehensive proposal.

The honorable mention means that Rambøll is awarded a smaller prize sum. The winner, Reppen Vilson Arkitekter AB, will now negotiate with Värmdö municipality about further planning. We congratulate them and wish them luck.

If you want to read more about Ramboll's competition contribution "Rideau" and other contributions, you can find the competitions in their entirety here: