In order to achieve realism and accuracy in our visualization products, it is necessary to be able to place the models in the real world, as well as use geographical information to recreate the existing situation in the best possible way. The geomatics specialists in Rambøll work closely with the Visualization team to be able to deliver the best possible product to our customers.

Geomatics is described as a collective term for the collection, storage, processing, analysis and presentation of geographical data. The subject area can be divided into: Geodesy (deals with the shape and size of the earth, and includes, among other things, geodetic measurements), Photogrammetry and remote sensing (collection of data using land surveying, aerial photography, laser scanning and other sensors), and Geographic Information Science (geographical databases, analyzes and cartographic presentation).

Rambøll's Geomatics team consists of 7 experienced employees, with high professional competence. Rambøll is the largest provider of map data (FKB) in the public map market (GeoVEKST). We are a total supplier of geomatics services, and have experience in, among other things, map production, analytical work/GIS, terrain modelling, data collection and processing, production of orthophotos, preparation of basic data for visualization assignments.