Teie – Street plan

Client: Statens Vegvesen AS
Year: 2017
Consultant: Ramboll

Street plan Teie, phase 1. There is a need for an upgrade of streets and squares in the center of Teie. The new connection to Nøtterøy means that traffic will change in the future.

The Teie center is Nøtterøy's most important commercial centre. The place has the feel of a garden city development and both the buildings and the streets still have many intact features from the so-called Garden City plan from the 1920s. Both the street network and squares are characterized by asphalt surfaces, and have a tired feel. There are large unused areas suitable for new buildings and businesses, but few areas outside that are arranged for living and well-being. The A3 Traffic Solutions Teie project is one of several sub-projects under the Tønsberg Region City Package. Rambøll has been tasked with preparing proposals for new traffic solutions both at an overall level, but also more concrete proposals for solutions at a more detailed level in order to better illustrate what kind of solutions are involved.

The visualization team has assisted with illustrations in the project