Ringeriksbanen and E16

Client: Nye Veier AS
Year: 2023

In 2022, Rambøll won as the only supplier to produce illustrations and films in the coming years for the Ringerik portfolio (Joint project Ringeriksbanen and E16)

Over time, the project evolved into a highly political endeavor, and with a change in government, it was temporarily halted. However, during the preparatory phase, it became apparent that Nye Veier needed to systematically address the groundwork that had been previously undertaken. In response, we constructed a comprehensive model using Rambøll Interactive, encompassing all existing regulated discipline models and incorporating all optimizations that had been implemented. Simultaneously, we meticulously documented subject models and past achievements, establishing a robust foundation for Nye Veier to seamlessly resume the project when the time comes for its continuation.

Here are some pictures from 3ds MAX model:

Som screenshots from the Rambøll Interactive model: