E39 – Sulafjorden Feasibility study

Client: Statens Vegvesen, Region Vest
Year: 2015
Consultant: Rambøll/Sweco

In the autumn of 2014, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration started work on a feasibility study for crossing the Sulafjorden with a bridge. The bridge length varies from approx. 3100 m to 5400 m. The fjord has a depth of 450 m, which entails demanding foundations

Together with Sweco, Rambøll conducted an ideas seminar, where all conceivable crossing alternatives and possibilities for bridge solutions were assessed. In the project, floating bridges, tube bridges, suspension bridges and cable-stayed bridges alone and in combination for more complicated utility structures have been considered.
Through a rough screening, the alternatives were reduced to four alternative corridors with a total of 11 bridge alternatives.
Through further work with the bridge alternatives and after a risk assessment, an uncertainty analysis and a new fine-tuning, recommended bridge alternatives for the crossing have been arrived at. The recommended bridge alternatives are suspension bridges in one span with a span of approx. 3100 m and suspension bridge in two spans with a span of approx. 2100 m. For the last option, it is planned to use a GBS construction for the middle tower as used for the oil industry in the North Sea

Visualization has contributed with illustrations and video presentation